Cécile Colombo

Former student of Fine Arts, Cecile Colombo has expanded its range of plastic BTS of Environment and Urban Architectural Decoration.

She is also a close interest in the world of advertising.

In addition, his many trips to Africa and South America have forwarded a particular inspiration revealing in each of her paintings a feeling of journey: life sketched scenes, poetic moments.

Some bits of found paper, and then it is soaring: the happy memories …

Colored memories, moments of happiness, slices of life, warm places … this is the world of Cécile Colombo.

It wraps us with her kindness, she plunges us into a world of gay, warm, alive. With something of childhood: spontaneity, lightness, novelty, good mood, colors …

The material, the suggestion, the wink, the detail that seems innocuous, and yet!

Cécile Colombo offers us these delicious moments, magical thanks to its particular technique that combines collage, pastel, ink, watercolor …


The fish