Dominique Mulhem

The holopeintures of Dominique Mulhem use the technique of lenticular holography. Dominique Mulhem was one of the first artists to use this technique in the 70s and is considered one of the pioneers of holography and the first multimedia artist.

Technical realization:
The artist sculpts his first holopeintures in a 3D modeling program, like those used in film for 3D movies in computer graphics. Then they are painted and textured. And they are made from the digital sculpting a series of images to be multifocal representation in relief in space. The series consists of 36 to 72 different images, which can take several days for the computer to calculate. Finally, they are intertwined following formats in more or less fine lines for the master of the virtual image in space. The request interleaving have specific factors and numerous. The amount of information is so important that a complete holopeinture can reach several hundreds of millions of pixels. This work requires great technical knowledge in different areas and time.

The support:
The image is printed with a special printer to an extremely high resolution and pigmented inks guarantees in time on a paper according to ISO 9706. Then the image is laminated with sub acrylic collage technique with a lenticular , the precision of the timing of the order of 1 / 100th of a millimeter. All these steps, from design to completion are made entirely by Dominique Mulhem.

It is neither painting nor sculpture, or photography, or digital art, but can be at the same time, it is the holopeinture.