Guy Denning

Guy Denning was born in 1965 in Bristol and began to paint in oil when he was 11. He applied to the Fine Arts School several times in the ’80s but was not accepted, so he just learned the technical aspects of painting from artists he met and from his conversations with more experienced painters that he was meeting in Somerset.

He studied Art History and he got a diploma of The Open University. He has had various jobs from the age of 20, to support his family, while continuing to paint. In 2007, he moved to France and today he lives in Brittany and he devotes himself to painting full-time.

« The twentieth century will probably be remembered in the not too distant future as one of humanity’s « Golden Ages ». A time when, for the affluent west at least, fossil fuels were plentiful and other mineral resources allowed the imagination to realise the most fanciful dreams. […]
The party has been great for those were invited but I suspect that it’s all over now and we’ll soon be outside with the rest that never made it inside anyway. » Guy Denning