Isabelle Marliac

Born in Paris in 1960, studied history of art at the ICART in Paris, a memorandum on the relationship between photography and painting …

« It is ultimately with the cinema that I begin to » grind « the images: I film editor since 1987. » The matter is always that by which I begin, image clusters, a disorder A head-on, the confrontation begins between her and me … ». In 2004, with still images taken from a film by Marcel Nakache, I attack one and only one image. Numerically I worked to extract any quintessence. I call these images of videography. 2006, I dare take a pencil, charcoal and design, probably what is most like me, portraits of women. « I want them as caught live, in the movement of charcoal portraits trapped photographic portraits colors … impossible … virtual women. I call this series Faces ».

« The boundaries between film, photography, drawing and digital art has become for me and I completely permeable footprint of each discipline that sings to me! »

« Reversals and appearances. Interstices and unveilings. Transparency games.
This time the weather is vertical, layer after layer I scratch as an archaeologist persévérente materials. The « digital » light lets show through the first gesture, the first inscription. Drawing  »

2011 – « I create small format as an extension of writing, with straight lines, arabesques, drips and stains I call this series » some privacy. « . »

2012 – 2013 – « I make images that will inform the development of a facility » sensitive material « which wrap dress (project awaiting funding – file on request).
And of course, always portraits of women …  »