James Cochran AKA Jimmy C

James Cochran a.k.a. Jimmy C lives and works in London. Born in England in 1973, having spent his childhood in Australia and traveled the world, James Cochran is a lover of life … and the street where he found the attention and interest sought.

In 2002 he obtained his Master of Visual Arts at the University of South Australia. In 1997 he finished with honors his Bachelor of Visual Arts in the same institution.

Built completely in the Street Art movement, James Cochran establishes bridges between different art forms. These influences have inspired him the « drip painting », unique style in this global urban movement of ‘Street Art’, generally represented by the stencil, collage, tags or graffiti.

The artist painted the city in its time, each with its poetic atmosphere, endearing population but sometimes his harshness and distresses. In addition to Australia, the painter has made walls also in New York, London (His fresco of David Bowie in Brixton is shown around the world), Paris, Lille, Rio, Berlin, Istanbul and several cities in Belgium and Norway.