Valérie Gho

Valérie Gho

Valerie Gho was born in Marseille. After studying at the Beaux Arts in Marseille, she exhibited in Paris, Le Caire and in Italy.

From 2018 Valérie Gho is interested in the cyanotype technique. The process of cyanotype was invented by the English astronome and scientist John Herschel in 1842. It is a monochrome photographic process where a unique Prussian blue picture results. Valérie Gho adopts this method to pay homage to nature with delicacy and poesy.

Sophia Mulhem

Sophia Mulhem

Sophia Mulhem was born in 1995 in Asnières-sur-Seine. Bathed in the world of art from her early age, she developed a passion for photography. At 14 she performed her first photo workshop at the studio Blaise Arnold in Paris. She studied at the High School Photo Etienne Jules Marey in Boulogne-Billancourt, then at Campus des Métiers de Bobigny and connects internships. Since September 2012 Sophia Mulhem is learning at the meeting of the National Museums.

In 2012 her international adventure begins with the YeaSung Gallery in Seoul. In 2013, she exhibited at Savour Club in Paris and sold her first work at Drouot.

The working of Sophia Mulhem is characterized by her sense of direction, how she uses the places, objects, people’s everyday environment to create « pictures-theater » where cross narrative poetry and offbeat humor.

In his latest series of photographs, Sophia Mulhem takes the stage with freshness in an atmosphere fueled of pop-art and urban influences.


Philippe Hérault

Philippe Hérault

Philippe Hérault is an artist and designer in Biarritz and he joined the Maison Dauphine gallery with parts in series, limited series and unique pieces.

Like a demiurge, Philippe Hérault most evanescent control materials: light. And yet it is with iron he cut his teeth as a wrought iron craftsman working for the castles of the Loire and the castle of Versailles.

After 10 years, the plexiglas fan starts a new life as a designer artist. The world of plastic fascinates him. The favorite material offers him the opportunity to express themselves freely. With delicacy and meticulousness he produced fairy pieces, sometimes monumental.

Perrine Rabouin

Perrine Rabouin

Born in 1970, graduated of Applied Arts Duperré of Paris. Perrine Rabouin carries since her childhood an amazing look of life. The Harmonies she collects are the source of her colorful and enthusiastic painting, her regard is tenderness, it picks, the hand sows, the work is a luxurious garden.

The artist built her canvas as her own life, venturing into the unknown, to follow her desire, her intuition, « shouting joy freely »… Painting is “TO BE” at the very heart of it : to make sing colors, animating nuanced surfaces in a spontaneous form, changing, endowed with a secret life, bearing her uncertainties, her astonishments, it is « remounting the source », « idealizing the day » , painting and finally « joining the spirit of the garden »…

Perrine Rabouin dresses reality with a nude chromatic dress. After many years devoted to drawing from live models, her transposition of reality has moved to a poetic and sensual abstraction, inviting everyone’s imagination to pursue the path initiated by the work, to look at the color intimacy and to dive into the intensity. She opens the window of the « every possible », discovering this freedom area offered by the word: a welcoming abstraction of happiness tones where the reality reinvented itself.

Colorist in her soul Perrine Rabouin works with force, releasing from colored masses the architecture of her paintings, watching the emergence of the unknown in these color ranges amorously modulated. And the color affects us, the color resonates in our imagination, our bodies, our senses, it gives us the pigments of a new sensitive reality and the shades of unseen dimensions. Our brand new memory then, can taste the pleasure of the moment.

James Cochran

James Cochran AKA Jimmy C

James Cochran a.k.a. Jimmy C lives and works in London. Born in England in 1973, having spent his childhood in Australia and traveled the world, James Cochran is a lover of life … and the street where he found the attention and interest sought.

In 2002 he obtained his Master of Visual Arts at the University of South Australia. In 1997 he finished with honors his Bachelor of Visual Arts in the same institution.

Built completely in the Street Art movement, James Cochran establishes bridges between different art forms. These influences have inspired him the « drip painting », unique style in this global urban movement of ‘Street Art’, generally represented by the stencil, collage, tags or graffiti.

The artist painted the city in its time, each with its poetic atmosphere, endearing population but sometimes his harshness and distresses. In addition to Australia, the painter has made walls also in New York, London (His fresco of David Bowie in Brixton is shown around the world), Paris, Lille, Rio, Berlin, Istanbul and several cities in Belgium and Norway.

Isabelle Marliac

Isabelle Marliac

Born in Paris in 1960, studied history of art at the ICART in Paris, a memorandum on the relationship between photography and painting …

« It is ultimately with the cinema that I begin to » grind « the images: I film editor since 1987. » The matter is always that by which I begin, image clusters, a disorder A head-on, the confrontation begins between her and me … ». In 2004, with still images taken from a film by Marcel Nakache, I attack one and only one image. Numerically I worked to extract any quintessence. I call these images of videography. 2006, I dare take a pencil, charcoal and design, probably what is most like me, portraits of women. « I want them as caught live, in the movement of charcoal portraits trapped photographic portraits colors … impossible … virtual women. I call this series Faces ».

« The boundaries between film, photography, drawing and digital art has become for me and I completely permeable footprint of each discipline that sings to me! »

« Reversals and appearances. Interstices and unveilings. Transparency games.
This time the weather is vertical, layer after layer I scratch as an archaeologist persévérente materials. The « digital » light lets show through the first gesture, the first inscription. Drawing « 

2011 – « I create small format as an extension of writing, with straight lines, arabesques, drips and stains I call this series » some privacy. « . »

2012 – 2013 – « I make images that will inform the development of a facility » sensitive material « which wrap dress (project awaiting funding – file on request).
And of course, always portraits of women … « 

Guy Denning

Guy Denning

Guy Denning was born in 1965 in Bristol and began to paint in oil when he was 11. He applied to the Fine Arts School several times in the ’80s but was not accepted, so he just learned the technical aspects of painting from artists he met and from his conversations with more experienced painters that he was meeting in Somerset.

He studied Art History and he got a diploma of The Open University. He has had various jobs from the age of 20, to support his family, while continuing to paint. In 2007, he moved to France and today he lives in Brittany and he devotes himself to painting full-time.

« The twentieth century will probably be remembered in the not too distant future as one of humanity’s « Golden Ages ». A time when, for the affluent west at least, fossil fuels were plentiful and other mineral resources allowed the imagination to realise the most fanciful dreams. […]
The party has been great for those were invited but I suspect that it’s all over now and we’ll soon be outside with the rest that never made it inside anyway. » Guy Denning

Dominique Mulhem

Dominique Mulhem

The holopeintures of Dominique Mulhem use the technique of lenticular holography. Dominique Mulhem was one of the first artists to use this technique in the 70s and is considered one of the pioneers of holography and the first multimedia artist.

Technical realization:
The artist sculpts his first holopeintures in a 3D modeling program, like those used in film for 3D movies in computer graphics. Then they are painted and textured. And they are made from the digital sculpting a series of images to be multifocal representation in relief in space. The series consists of 36 to 72 different images, which can take several days for the computer to calculate. Finally, they are intertwined following formats in more or less fine lines for the master of the virtual image in space. The request interleaving have specific factors and numerous. The amount of information is so important that a complete holopeinture can reach several hundreds of millions of pixels. This work requires great technical knowledge in different areas and time.

The support:
The image is printed with a special printer to an extremely high resolution and pigmented inks guarantees in time on a paper according to ISO 9706. Then the image is laminated with sub acrylic collage technique with a lenticular , the precision of the timing of the order of 1 / 100th of a millimeter. All these steps, from design to completion are made entirely by Dominique Mulhem.

It is neither painting nor sculpture, or photography, or digital art, but can be at the same time, it is the holopeinture.

Cécile Colombo

Cécile Colombo

Former student of Fine Arts, Cecile Colombo has expanded its range of plastic BTS of Environment and Urban Architectural Decoration.

She is also a close interest in the world of advertising.

In addition, his many trips to Africa and South America have forwarded a particular inspiration revealing in each of her paintings a feeling of journey: life sketched scenes, poetic moments.

Some bits of found paper, and then it is soaring: the happy memories …

Colored memories, moments of happiness, slices of life, warm places … this is the world of Cécile Colombo.

It wraps us with her kindness, she plunges us into a world of gay, warm, alive. With something of childhood: spontaneity, lightness, novelty, good mood, colors …

The material, the suggestion, the wink, the detail that seems innocuous, and yet!

Cécile Colombo offers us these delicious moments, magical thanks to its particular technique that combines collage, pastel, ink, watercolor …


The fish



Amandine Maria

Amandine Maria

Amandine Maria is an artist and a landscape architect. She lives and works in Vitrolles (Bouches du Rhône).

First she followed a university course abroad in Aix-en-Provence where she obtained a Master of Sciences of Art thanks to the writting of a dissertation about the « gardener artist ». At the same time she teached art at primary school and produced cultural projects about the garden matter. She also began to show her art work in some galleries and contemporary art meetings.

Then in 2007, she established the École Nationale Supérieure du Paysage in Versailles. During this 4 years programm, she worked to link art and landscape. She began to make it reality with the recent creation of the association Topothymie whose mission is preserve emblematic and fragile landscapes through an artistic awareness.