Perrine Rabouin

Born in 1970, graduated of Applied Arts Duperré of Paris. Perrine Rabouin carries since her childhood an amazing look of life. The Harmonies she collects are the source of her colorful and enthusiastic painting, her regard is tenderness, it picks, the hand sows, the work is a luxurious garden.

The artist built her canvas as her own life, venturing into the unknown, to follow her desire, her intuition, « shouting joy freely »… Painting is “TO BE” at the very heart of it : to make sing colors, animating nuanced surfaces in a spontaneous form, changing, endowed with a secret life, bearing her uncertainties, her astonishments, it is « remounting the source », « idealizing the day » , painting and finally « joining the spirit of the garden »…

Perrine Rabouin dresses reality with a nude chromatic dress. After many years devoted to drawing from live models, her transposition of reality has moved to a poetic and sensual abstraction, inviting everyone’s imagination to pursue the path initiated by the work, to look at the color intimacy and to dive into the intensity. She opens the window of the « every possible », discovering this freedom area offered by the word: a welcoming abstraction of happiness tones where the reality reinvented itself.

Colorist in her soul Perrine Rabouin works with force, releasing from colored masses the architecture of her paintings, watching the emergence of the unknown in these color ranges amorously modulated. And the color affects us, the color resonates in our imagination, our bodies, our senses, it gives us the pigments of a new sensitive reality and the shades of unseen dimensions. Our brand new memory then, can taste the pleasure of the moment.