Philippe Croq

Philippe Croq has been dedicated to painting since 1991 after having worked in the aerospace industry . He worked in aerospace until 1991, when he was told that he was suffering from a serious illness. Big operations, re-education and long periods of immobility resulted during which he drew, painted and discovered that he wanted to be a painter. His subject, at this moment of his practice : surgical traumatism and its consequences on the body. Little by little he recovered from this illness, and returned to life through painting. Philippe Croq likes large formats, he lets himself « be blinded, his field of vision merges with the painted surface. » For him painting is a mission, he « instinctively needs to find himself, to know who he is. » These paintings comprise several drawings on paper which are then glued onto wood or canvas. The body is always present, not entirely but evoked, divided, narrated by the poetry of the English or Latin word, the pastel colour which emerges from the dark.