Sophia Mulhem

Sophia Mulhem was born in 1995 in Asnières-sur-Seine. Bathed in the world of art from her early age, she developed a passion for photography. At 14 she performed her first photo workshop at the studio Blaise Arnold in Paris. She studied at the High School Photo Etienne Jules Marey in Boulogne-Billancourt, then at Campus des Métiers de Bobigny and connects internships. Since September 2012 Sophia Mulhem is learning at the meeting of the National Museums.

In 2012 her international adventure begins with the YeaSung Gallery in Seoul. In 2013, she exhibited at Savour Club in Paris and sold her first work at Drouot.

The working of Sophia Mulhem is characterized by her sense of direction, how she uses the places, objects, people’s everyday environment to create « pictures-theater » where cross narrative poetry and offbeat humor.

In his latest series of photographs, Sophia Mulhem takes the stage with freshness in an atmosphere fueled of pop-art and urban influences.